About Mailing List Cleaner

Do you have a mailing list with more than a few hundred names? Is that mailing list important to your business? Do you value the opportunity to email your customers or clients? Is it important to them that they are addressed correctly when you email them? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you need our new Mailing List Cleaner software.

Why clean your mailing list?

Ten years ago, most people who used the Internet were reasonably technical. They knew how to type, how to capitalize letters and how to find the apostrophe key on their keyboards. But today, it's far from uncommon to have customers using your website and buying your products who still have trouble with all of these things.

The end result of which, is a customer database or a mailing list that looks something like this:

a s kidwell kidwell
mrs tipping
tracey macdonald
sally oneill
de Pace
Mark P F Rodriguez
S Poole
Scott Mackey (Scott's Burger Bar)
Gem d 'albert jones

A hodge-podge of poorly constructed names in no particular order.

These sample names are taken from a live database of a UK eCommerce site with a customer base of over 30,000, forty per cent of which required cleaning and formatting before their first newsletter could be sent out. That's a lot of names and a lot of work.

Why is it such a mess?

Customer data is no longer entered by professional employees. On eCommerce sites, on social media sites, in newsletter signup forms, customers and potential customers now enter their own data.

Trouble is, a huge number of these people are non-technical, and are often incapable of correctly typing and formatting their own names. The result of which is a database or mailing list full of names like those above.

So what, you say? Why should it matter to me?

It matters when you send them an email or newsletter. Most professionally delivered bulk mail these days goes through large online mail companies such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. At least it does if you want those emails to reach an inbox instead of a spam folder.

What happens if you simply extract all this name and email information from your database and use it as is? You end up addressing your customers, or potential customers in this way:

Hi S Poole
To sally oneill
Hi de
Hello Mrs

Is that really the first thing you want them to see when they open your carefully crafted and elegantly worded email? Yes, they were the ones who entered that information in the first place. But if that's your answer, you might as well not send those emails at all.

What can Mailing List Cleaner do?

Mailing List Cleaner fixes these problems. You would be amazed at how extensive the automated fixes are within Mailing List Cleaner. It cleans every name and email address and presents you with a small list of potential problems that require a human eye to fix.

And it remembers every fix you make so you won't ever have to make it again. The software identifies potential problems with email addresses as well as names, and it lets you output that clean data in any format you wish, ready for uploading to your favorite bulk mail sender.

Using Mailing List Cleaner, your customers will never again be faced with a mangled mess in the emails sent from your company.

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